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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Statement for Customers 

The following statement outlines North Shore's Offroad commitment to ensuring your protection. We are committed
to meeting and exceeding the standards established by federal and provincial privacy legislation.
How does the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act affect our business?
• Federal and provincial legislation states that your personal information cannot be released to
third parties without your consent. This includes information that could potentially be released
to credit agencies, law offices, other businesses, etc.
What is considered personal information?
• Personal information is any information that pertains to you as an individual. It includes your
age, gender, race, religion, ethnicity, social insurance number, education, medical records, credit
history, etc.
What is NOT considered personal information?
• Personal information does not include information necessary to contact you at your place of
business that has been made publicly available. This includes your name, position or title,
business address, business phone or fax and business e-mail address.
How does NSOR use your personal information?
• To establish a line of credit for individuals operating under their own name or individuals
running unincorporated businesses.
• To process payments where a personal cheque or credit card number has been provided.
• To identify the credit rating of individuals and/or officers of a corporation who may be providing
a personal guarantee.
• To track business owners who have defaulted in their payment duties.
To whom does NSOR release your personal information?
• For the purposes above, we may have to release your personal information to third parties,
which may include credit agencies, accounts receivable personnel, financial or banking
institutions conducting reference checks, legal offices or to the courts when required by law.
When can NSOR release your personal information?
• We can only release your personal information if we have your consent to do so or:
o As explicitly stated in a contract and the information is required.
o When we are required to do so by law.
o When transfers of business are involved.
What measures have been put in place to protect your personal information?
• Appropriate safeguards have been put in place to protect all personal and confidential
information. Security measures to protect both physical and electronic data include locked
filing cabinets, restricted access to filing rooms, use of passwords, encryption and firewalls.
Raven’s privacy commitment to you:
• We will not use or release your personal information for any other purposes than those outlined
in our Privacy Policy, as stated by federal and provincial legislation.
• We will keep your personal information only as long as required for business purposes or as
required by law.
• We will do our best to keep your personal information up to date and accurate.
• We will protect your personal information, electronically and physically, to the best of our
• We will respond to any request that you make to access or amend your personal information.
• We will obtain the appropriate consent from you for the collection, use and release of your
personal information.
Your rights as a customer:
• You have the right to access your own personal information during regular business hours by
contacting our Privacy Officer.
• You have the right to amend errors in your personal information by contacting our Privacy
• You have a right to obtain information about Raven’s procedures and safeguards regarding your
personal information.
• You have the right to the names of individuals, businesses or organizations to whom your personal
information has been released.
• You have the right to refuse to allow us to obtain, use or share certain personal information.
• You can withdraw your consent to collect, use or release your personal information at any time.
Who to contact?
• For any further concerns or questions regarding our Privacy Policy, please feel free to contact
our Privacy Officer during regular business hours.
• NSOR will do its best to respond to your concerns in a timely manner.

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